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Gotham Reborn

Webisode - Episode 7: Spirit of the Bat

Mutually Assured Destruction

The webisode opens with a man dressed as a dark Ringleader walking into the big top of Haly’s Circus. A group of men and women dressed as playing cards lounge around but climb to their feet when the figure enters. The Ringleader followed by more dark carnival folk, now easily identifiable as the Circus de Gothik. The King of cards stands up, “You’re not welcome here, Max.” The Ringleader nods, “Nor are you, George.” Then the dark strongman clubs out the legs of the Jack card. The Royal Flush gang attacks back and a full brawl rips through the big top. First turn to knives and knives turn to guns. When the dust settles, the Nine card cradles the lifeless body of the smaller Eight card. She looks around, the only survivor of the slaughter.

Taking Back

The show cuts to an exterior shot of the old Major Crimes Unit building. GCPD squad cars are surrounding the building and Bullock is on the bullhorn. Their demands are simple, turn over Marion Grange and come out with their hands up. Failure to do so will result in the SWAT team breaching the building and taking them out. Bullock barely gets through his demands when shots ring out. Prometheus, positioned in a sniper’s nest on the second floor, takes out two of the officers before everyone can scramble for cover. As Bullock orders the SWAT team to advance a man in a thick black duster bursts from the crowd and charges through the doors. One of the rookies asks Bullock who the undead cowboy was.
“Another goddamn mask! Get him out of there, he’s endangering lives!”
But seconds after Brimstone burst into the building, Prometheus is thrown from his perch. His armor takes the brunt of his fall, but Prometheus was unconscious long before he landed. A few seconds more and Brimstone comes back out the front door. Passing by Bullock he comments, “Two-Face wasn’t in there. But the building is yours, Officer.”


Next up we cut to the Gotham Knights Stadium, where Cornelius Stirk is lurking through the darkened corridors. He cackles madly to himself as he moves, muttering about this being a fine lair. A good lair. Yes. From here they will spread the terror.
He steps around a corner and a figure, clad black as night, stands with the floodlights to his back. The silhouette moves gracefully, like water, out towards Stirk, his shadows rushing down the walls towards the madman. Stirk shivers, somewhere between actual fear and ecstasy. Then the figure strikes him. The form comes crashing down and Stirk crumbles into dust. Tsunami leans down, placing a hand on the madman’s shoulder, “You will not have this place.”


We go next to a shot of Dr. Fate making his way through subterranean caves. The cameras follow a second before he rounds a corner and steps into an opening. The ledge he stands on overlooks a vast and beautiful jungle. Bio-Luminescent lights glow across the ceiling, mimicking perfectly the position of the sun. The canopy is a rich green and the trees look untouched by civilization. Dr. Fate stands in awe for a moment before the garden’s owner takes notice of him.
Rising from the jungle below on a life of vines rises Poison Ivy, her naked body covered only be leaves. “You have come to burn my Eden?”
“I’ve come to cast you back into the lands of Nod where you belong.”
“Does a man do this to me, or a Lord?”
Fate responds by striking at Ivy, but she nibly slides away from the blow. She tisks at Fate, “I think you are but a man. Luckily, I have a champion for my cause.”
The ceiling of the cave cracks slightly, tree roots parting the earth. A cage of vines lowers a dazed Son of None down next to Ivy. She leans towards the caves and blows a noxious purple cloud towards Son and his eyes glass over. He steps from the cage and squares off with Dr. Fate, “You are not welcome here, Doctor. Allow me to escort you out.”

The False Messiah

The screen comes back and we see Harley Quinn making her way through the sewers of Gotham City. Her outfit, more militarist styled than normal, is stained with the toil of hours scouring the dirty tunnels. Luckily, she finds her prey as we watch. Pinned to the wall with a half-dozen batarangs is an unconscious Ratcatcher. Clearly the target of Harley’s query. At his feet, a shriving heap of grey and black fabric lay on the ground. Harley walks over and nudges the man and he rolls over, showing a face that’s pale white, think black veins sticking out across his skin.
Harley pulls a walkie-talkie off her belt, “I’ve found your Genowhatevers. It doesn’t look so good.”
A second later, Deadshot’s voice squawks back, “It doesn’t matter how it looks, bring it back in.”
“It got the Ratcatcher. What should I do with him?”
“Bring him too.”

Old Friends

Next we watch as Sleeper trudges his way through Slaughter Swamp. He pushes slowly through the waist high muck and pulls himself up onto a island of dry land. After resting for a moment he stands up and tries to regain his baring. Across the lagoon, on another island, he spies Talia al Ghul watching him. Next to her a large man is slumped down on his knees. When Sleeper sees her, she calls out. “Do you remember him?”, she gestures at the man.
Sleeper shakes his head. Talia nods, then bends down to life the man to his feet. He’s easily seven foot tall and his blond hair hangs limp around his face. Seeing that face, Sleeper recognizes him. Alexander Anderson, a member of his unit that was killed years ago. Talia sees the recognition on Sleepers face and pulls out a dagger.
“Are you ready to watch him die again? I brought him back just for you.”
Sleeper dives into the swamp, pushing his way against the mud towards Talia. She laughs.
“You’ll never reach me in time. Let this be a warning to you, Justin. We can take from you anything. Even things you’ve already lost.”
She pulls the blade towards Anderson’s throat… then a shot rings out. Talia’s shoulder erupts with blood and she stumbles backwards. Sleeper, pistol in hand, keeps his aim level on Talia. “I won’t let you kill.”
Talia smiles, “Even if it means that you will?”

It Must Be Love

The show cuts back to Harley Quinn, making her way through Gotham’s streets towards Wonder Tower. On a makeshift sled behind her, two bodies are stacked on top of each other then covered by a blue tarp. She’s just about to stop and call in for Deadshot to send some men out to help her when the Jape comes bouncing out of an alleyway. He grabs her and continues his hop until their across the street and down another alley. Harley, taken aback by the sudden appearance finally gets a look at Jape.
“You look terrible. What happened?”
“Ohh…Just a little bug. Nothing to worry about.”
Assessing the situation, Harley’s look turns puzzled. “What are you doing here, Japey?”
“Just saving your life, Har.” The Jape turns and gestures back at the street. Right where Harley was standing a few seconds ago are two bullet holes in the pavement.
“How did you…?”, Harley asks but when she turns around Jape is already gone. She considers for a second then nods to herself, “I knew it. He does love me.”


When Son of None wakes up in his bed, he’s more than a little confused. Last he remembers he was out getting pizza… And why does his apartment smell like grass clippings. His confusion is quickly stopped though when he notices the masked man standing in his room.
“You continue to work against us. Yet you still live.”, the man says.
Son of None stares at the man in the Owl mask, hatred burning in his eyes.
“We’ve been preparing the last of your training, but many of us wonder if its in vain. Tell me, Joshua. Do you forsake our gifts?”
“Fuck. You.”
The owl mask nods slightly, “Then you will die lost and alone.”

Two Paths

Back in Slaughter Swamp, Sleeper is making his way back out of the mire with Anderson slumped over his shoulder. When Sleeper spies the black archer he sighs and almost laughs. “Have you come to kill me too?”
“You are not my query.”, The archer replies.
“You’re after Talia then.”
The black hood nods.
“Well. You can’t have her.”
There is a laugh from behind the mask, a single Ha. “You would let her burn Gotham?”
The archer nods again, “Then our paths are aligned. Very well, Sleeper. We give you one week. If Talia al Ghul still torments this city, I will return. If not, we will never speak again.”

Lost Answers

Back in the apartment of Joshua Freeman, a man in an Owl mask stands in his bedroom. From the hallway another figure enters, this one dressed as a Talon, but in front of him he pushes a frail old man. The old man collapses on the ground in front of Joshua and the Owl turns to him.
“You are the Dealer. Yes?”, the Owl asks the old man.
The Dealer nods.
“You run Mirror House. Yes?”
Another nod.
“Do you know about Officer Freeman?”
“Who else in your House knows of his fate?”
The old man’s voice is weak, broken, “No one. Only I saw his demise.”
The man in the Owl mask turns back to Joshua, “We brought you the leader of the Mirror House. The one man who could tell you the truth about your father’s death.”
Joshua stands up, “Tell me.”
The old man opens his mouth, but the Talon moves quicker. The knife tears open his throat, spilling blood onto Joshua’s floor. Joshua screams and the webisode fades to black.


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