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Gotham Reborn

Webisode - Episode 1: Gotham Nights

Hatter Stays Put

The webisode starts with a shot of Arkham Asylum. A quick cut moves inside the building where we see Dr. Matias Maxwell walking though it’s halls with Hugo Strange. Maxwell is talking;
“I know I’ve been calling in a lot of favors around here lately, but I was wondering if you could help me with one last thing?”
“Dr. Maxwell, you are one of our largest supporters. You know that my facility functions because of your help, my services are always at your disposal.”
“I understand one of your inmates, Mr. Jarvis Tetch, is slated to be moved to another facility.”
“I’d prefer of Tetch stayed put. Transferred into solitary confinement.”
“This is hardly your concern Mr…”
Strange can’t finish his sentence, as Matias stops dead in his tracks.
“Doctor. I have seen numerous health and safety violations during my many visits here. If my monetary contributions aren’t enough maybe my silence is. Keep Tetch here. Am I understood?”
Strange looks upset, but nods agreement. The scene cuts and we see Matias walking out of Arkham and climbing into a waiting car.
“Strange isn’t happy about this but your tip clearly paid off.”
“Yeaas. I imagine he would be. Thank you, Dr. Maxwell. We both know we can’t have the Hatter absconding his bonds. It should save us both a lot of trouble.”
“Hatter is nothing to me. But I don’t even want to know what trouble you’re in, Cobblepot.”
The scene fades out.

Zsasz is Captured

The show cuts to GCPD SWAT officers moving through a wooded park somewhere in Gotham City. The move quickly and fluidly though the thin trees and underbrush. When they spot their target they split and begin circling the perp. A voice calls out, the stern fatherly voice of James Gordon.
“Victor Zsasz! Put your hands up and step away from the body!”
The camera moves in and we see Zsasz kneeling in a pool of blood, the body of Simon Chesswell laying dead on the ground. Zsasz lifts his hands in the air and begins to rise slowly.
“Hello, Jimmy.”
“Victor, put the knife down and step aside slowly.”
“It’s ok, Jimmy. I was just finishing an old job. Never want to leave work incomplete.”
Two officers move towards Zsasz, one keeping a shotgun pointed at his head. The other pulls out handcuffs and pulls Zsasz’s hands behind his back. The camera fades out as the officers arrest Victor Zsasz.

Powers get Annoyed

The episode cuts to the office of Derek Powers, CEO of Powers Technology. Derek sits behind his desk and his secritary stands across from him. Powers looks annoyed.
“Mr. Fox says he isn’t interested in a buyout. He says they have already found a new CEO and will be making the announcement Monday morning.”
“This is unacceptable, Vanessa.”
“I know you’re disappointed Mr. Powers, but there is only so much we can do.”
Derek Powers stands up, placing his hands on his desk and leaning forward, “We will own Wayne Enterprises, Vanessa. Keep trying.”

Falcone frees Dent

In the next shot we return to Arkham Asylum to watch as Carmine Falcone escorts a free Harvey Dent out the front door. The pair walk to Carmine’s waiting limo and climb in.
“I appreciate the rescue, Falcone, but I don’t understand why.”
Carmine smiles smoothly, “There is a war coming, Mr. Dent. And I need soldiers.”
“The name is Two-Face. That coward Dent killed himself a year ago. And I’m not a soldier.”
Carmine’s look turns serious, “Oh, I know you’re not just a common soldier. And I don’t intend to give you any orders.”
Carmine turns from Two-Face to address the driver, “Driver, take us to the old Solomon Wayne Courthouse please.”
Two-Face looks at Falcone and Falcone smiles again, “A gift, Two-Face. A new home and a fresh start.”

Bane Stays Put

The show cuts to an nondescript building somewhere in Gotham. Inside a bunch of goons stand around talking. Their cheap suits and masks give them away as Black Mask’s men.
“I don’t get why the Boss would even want the guy. He’s nuts.”
“Ours isn’t to question why.”
“I just don’t think this is gonna work. Blackgate is a supermax and Bane is in the supermax of the supermax.”
Then the door swings open. The streetlight floods in, making the figure in the doorway glow ethereally. His dirty duster and hat give him away and one of the goons goes for his gun. Brimstone moves quicker and slams a shoulder into the goon, launching the gun across the room. A brawl ensues and by the end only Brimstone is left standing. He bends down and lifts a conscious, but seriously injured, man up by his collar.
“Tell your Boss that Bane stays put. You tell Black Mask that. You tell him that if I see you around here again that I’ll come for him. You tell him.”
Then Brimstone delivers a hard elbow to the mans head and drops the now limp body to the floor.

Agent Arrival

The show then cuts to a small plane soaring over the Gotham Skyline. As we watch the single seat drops from the unit and plummets towards the ground. The rest of the plane soars up into the sky but the camera tracks the seat. The plane’s lone passenger picks up speed before deploying a tear-away parachute. His descent slows and another chute launches. The seat jars but the passenger looks relaxed. When the chair is a few feet from the ground the man cuts the chute and lands on the pavement hard. He cuts the straps that held him to the seat and stands. He pulls off his helmet and tosses it onto the seat. Then from his belt he pulls a flare and tosses it into the pile. The chair, parachute and helmet burst into flames and the man turns away.
“Agent to Checkmate. Come in Checkmate.”
“Checkmate here. Verify location and name.”
“Gotham City. Deadshot. "


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