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Gotham Reborn

Gotham Reborn Newsletter - Issue #2

The State of the Portal

We’re two weeks away from out casting call and with the holidays just around the corner I expect things to be a little chaotic. I’ve done my best to get the portal site to a state that it’s mostly complete. As such, I’d like to take a minute to explain and familiarize you with the various sections.

First off, we have the Home Page. This is usually the first thing you see when you visit the portal. I’m keeping News posts on there as well as an Episode Guide. There isn’t much there right now but you’ll want to check it before and after episodes for updates.

The Main Page is the home to all the wiki information. I’ll go through a few specific sections for you, but when I talk about going to the Face or Location pages this is where you’ll look.

On the wiki, there are two big fat important sections that are (more or less) finished up. First, theSetting Primer is the backstory to the Gotham City we’ll be playing in. Give it a read, find out who all’s dead, see the bleak and hopelessness of Gotham City.

The section that is probably more important to you for making characters is the Face Briefings page. I’ve gone through and separated out thirty important Feature characters for you to use during Pathways. They all have a brief synopsis of public knowledge about them, some have Arkham profiles, and details about their location, names, status, and the like. If you have a question about a specific DC Character, check here.

There is also a Locations page where I’ve divided up places in Gotham City that may be important to characters. This page has the die rating for each location type and some places have a brief bit of detail. If you REALLY want to see Gotham City though, check out the Map section. I have a full map of Gotham City with location markers for every Location on the Locations page. Orange places have write-ups, Brown places are just names.

Back on the Main Page]] you’ll find a System section that breaks down all the various rules changes that I’ve implemented from Cortex+ Dramatic Roleplaying. The game is going to be part Dramatic (Smallville), part Action (Leverage), part Heroic (Marvel) and part Collaborative (Spark RPG). The Character Creation section will be your go-to for making characters: DO NOT USE THE SMALLVILLE BOOKS. Some things have been changed, I do Stress totally differently, and I’ve compiled information from the Core book, Yearbook, Watchtower, and Hacker’s Guide for this.

The System section is also where I detail the basic rules for the game. Scenes and Actions will teach you how to play and, again, it’s a little different than stock Smallville. Advance and Reflect goes over the end session rules as well as character advancement. I’ve done away with the Growth Pool, so brush up on this to see how your character’s will grow. Finally, the Plot Points and Trouble Pool detail how those two element work.

The last two places on the Portal I want to talk about are “Backend” areas. They look a little different, because their not publicly facing. First, we have the Calendar where I’ll keep everyone informed of game days. Please, please, please, RSVP to games early so I can get a feeling for how many people I can expect.

The other, far more important, backend area is the Forum. I’ll be using the Forum over the next few weeks to run ideas by you guys and get feedback. I have a few posts up there already, so if you haven’t taken the time to review them please do. Once the game starts, I’ll be gathering in-between game writing for players there as well. So, keep an eye open for those posts.

Right now on the Forums I have a few posts that could really use your attention. First, the Value Voting post discusses Values for the game and I could use a hand narrowing down what we’re going to us. If you have favorite Batman\DC stories, let me know about them in the Batman Recommendations post so I can check out some stuff I may not be aware of. The Feature Input post has had some action, but is still wide open for contribution. If there are character you want to see as a Feature, let me know there. Finally, the Extra credit Homework post talks a bit about how you could do a little writing and help get ahead on the game.

I know this might all seem like a lot to take in, but hopefully it still sounds like fun. My goal is to have some stuff for you guys to check out or write up over the holiday season, because if you’re like me you’re going to have an odd amount of free time between incredibly busy times.

That’ll do it for this newsletter. See you guys in Gotham!


RobJustice RobJustice

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