Campaign of the Month: March 2014

Gotham Reborn

Son of None's Journal - Episode 4: Ballistic

Sicily is pretty nice this time of year. I’m not a huge fan of why I was there, but that didn’t change the atmosphere. Why the court would want to spare a Falcone is beyond me. If it was up to me I’d have just sat there with a bottle of wine and watch the bullet fly, but if I made that call I figure the next bullets would fly at me. My new skill set I’ve acquired at this circus is incredible when paired with the SRT, but to be honest I almost felt like the arm and leg modules were trying to override my nartual instincts (now that I have some). I think the HUD may really be all I need now.

The society of assassin’s notes my involvement. If only they were my biggest problem right now. I keep getting weird visitors and this time I was even freaking taken out of my house. this is beyond ridiculous. Some other circus looney’s try to scare me away from Haley’s, but the training I’m getting and the skills I’m acquiring are way too useful to quit.

I can’t believe how busy the court is keeping me. I get home from Sicily to find a note with a stylized red wax seal that I’m all too familiar with. the note read, “Deadshot is to attempt to assassinate Derek Powers. This is against the wishes of the court. See that his attempt fails.” Looks like I’m up against it again…

My biggest problem is some cliche movie bullshit. The one man I whose head I wanted went from target no. 1, to being a fall guy, to being in a coffin in about a week. Then the people who supposedly are responsible aren’t going to have a physical presence in Gotham for almost a year. What do I do now? I have to figure out what my next move will be. I need to know about mirror house, In order to survive long enough to be able to deal with them I need sleeper and Oracle to help me with the court, and I have to figure out what the court is doing. They keep sending me on assaignments involving Gotham’s most powerful people. There has to be a connection to be found somewhere…


RobJustice RobJustice

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