Campaign of the Month: March 2014

Gotham Reborn

Tsunami's Journal - Episode 6: Die Laughing

Redemption’s first step;
a foreboding dark traverse.
Tread lightly with care.

I have made contact with several of the player’s in Gotham’s grand theatre. I spoke to Sleeper and Son of None, though Son didn’t seem too interested in talking. Sleeper seemed to be gauging my intentions. He is wise to be wary; everyone in this town has an agenda. I like to think that I am an exception to that, but in truth I owe the master much. I’m sure the master has plans on how he wants Gotham to look. Sleeper plays the game well, as I don’t have a good gauge on him either.

Son seems less of an attack dog than I expected after what I found out he did to Honshu. He is very young, maybe Kirushimi’s age. I may have misjudged him, though he didn’t leave a glowing first impression either.

The Oracle of Gotham wants to work with me, but he charges a fare for this alliance that I cannot accept; to strip away the mask and learn my true name. I am unsure of what use being an ex-gang member has in my work right now, but I cannot throw it away. I have a feeling if Gotham needs help, Oracle will not be hung up on semantics. I keep the headset.

The Scarecrow’s army attacked Blackgate. I was able to get to the scene but I was one against a sea of villainy. I tried to play it smart. Attack from the shadows, aim for the smaller fish. Although many escaped that day, I think I did what I could.

The master has made his other benefactors aware to me. DuCarte, Shiva, Merlyn. Some of these names have meaning, and not all have glowing pasts. It seems like we all walk the path to Redemption together. I am glad to have comrades to help steer me back on the path if I am weak, just as I will them in their times of need.

Gotham burns brightly.
No shortage of problems here,
Ripe with damnation.


RobJustice RobJustice

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