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Gotham Reborn

Tsunami's Journal - Episode 7: Spirit of the Bat

When visiting hell,
don’t tarry long in one spot.
Much pain and no time.

I received a visit from DuCarte. He told me the master wants to leave Gotham alomne, as was his agreement with the Detective. I am not to do any recruiting for the league, and I was ashamed I had suggested such.

It turned into a busy night. A meeting was called to order by James Gordon. The gathered people were asked if they want to help Gotham, for it was as bad as it has ever been. I was interested until they said that we would have to unmask in front of each other to join. I looked at all these people I did not know. There was a reason to wear a mask, to protect your identity. To throw it away would be foolish. Kurishimi followed me out. It was a difficult choice to make, this network would be a way to have an infrastructure in place to tackle all of these problems. I doubt it was the last such choice…

Left out of the loop, I decided to get off my ass and start doing my own networking. I think Sleeper disapproved of my decision with Gordon, so I started with someone who worked with me in the past, Vagabond. I found him the worse for wear. When I asked if he needed help, he replied he wouldn’t turn it down. Iassisted in helping him take out Blockbuster. Despite the reservation I have with the new ‘Justice League’ I think he is someone I can work with.

There was still plenty of chatter over the oracle earpiece. Criminals were getting taken off the streets. Brimstone approached Vagabond and dropped Victor Zsasz at Vagabond’s feet, “Take his scars,” he said, “They belong to me now.” With a nod to Vagabond I followed Brimstone.

“We got off on the wrong foot. That was mostly my fault. I would like to work with you, to help.” He seemed reluctant to do so, but let me assist in taking out False Face. Seemed fitting that False Face didn’t know anything about the Cavlier’s workings and it was a dead end. “Are we cool?” I asked him, extending my hand. He grimmaced, “We can work together, but I don’t like who you associate with.” Not sure what Kurushimi did to Brimstone, might have to talk with her…

Briefly met Jape and the Postman. Jape seems as unstable as I thought. I do have a more sympathetic view on Jackson Singletary. This Postman was an ominous sort, but he seems like a troubleshooter. Vagabond seemed worried about him, not sure what that means. Jape lead us to the gates of a batcave with Vagabond before he left with Postman. Oracle wouldn’t unlock the gates because I was there. Obnoxious, but within reason. Vagabond made it up to me, I got me a sweet ride. It may not be a batmobile, but it’s the same car I wrapped around a tree to annoy that asshole Mathias Maxwell.

Need to figure out how to get into this league…I see a familiar black with blue highlighted figure swing by. “Time to take this to management,” I say to Kurushimi as we bound off in hot pursuit.


RobJustice Appollyon

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