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Gotham Reborn

Vagabond's Journal - Episode 7: Spirit of the Bat

Clarity of Purpose

So many important things that can’t be recorded. so many little things that are finally clear. Where do I start?

Orchids. I will never think of Orchids ever again without seeing my own death. But that was before a long time before. Recently though, I was saved from another death, a death at the hands of Croc. I would have never pegged Ivo as a man who would help me out of simple kindness, but then again I suppose he probably wasn’t expecting kindness out of me.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Kate Spencer had taken up up my cases. But I’m getting ahead of myself again. I returned from the brink of death to discover that James Gordon wanted to see me at Wayne Manor of all places. It became very clear why almost as soon as I had arrived. “Oracle” was finally showing his hand, though I suspect that Nightwing and the real Oracle may have had more do with it than him. Their offer was simple, join their new “Just League Gotham” unmask and play on the home team. If I was the man they think I am, I would have thought about it longer. But even if this alliance is only temporary, it is the best answer that Gotham has for now, and it will give me access to far more resources than I currently have.

Now there is a sticking point. I trusted Steven to secure my funds. He did no such thing. He gave me a non-answer and let me go on thinking things were fine. I would be mad at him, but it is exactly what I would have done. Well played Steven. I trusted Mario Falcone to be good to his word. He was. He has no holding in Gotham. Never again will I trust a Falcone, even the black sheep of the family. And all my money spent buying up Wayne-Powers. Thomas Wayne Jr. in a clever move devalued all the stock by issuing more. All that money spent and I have no more say than any other share holder. A curse on all Waynes.

But I had much important things to worry about. The escapes of Arkham. Hatter proved more resilient than I had thought. It took myself and a severely battered Jape to put him to put him on ice. I had hoped to reverse the effects of his mind control patches to march Scarecrows little army back into their pens. That proved to be a fools hope. Hatter’s little devices appear to have been likely little more than amplifiers for Scarecrow’s control. Still, I think I find use for these in the coming shadow war.

It is amazing how popular I became as soon as they saw the mask I wear every day. Joshua, who had never once paid me any mind suddenly needs to speak with me. Nate had suspicion confirmed. I wonder he sees me now know that I didn’t just send my help to save the Denny girl, I did it myself. Other’s are also seeking me out. Tsunami, the young man who sought me out for information of Killer Croc and who walked away from the new Justice League, sought me out to prove he was team player. If only he knew how easy that make him to command. I gave him a test. I let him lead me to Blockbuster. I played bait for the brute. He knows how to fight, and his heart is pure. It will be shame to see him fall, but Gotham never lets such optimism last for long.

I encountered him later as I recruited Jape to help me explore Grant Park for the Batcave entrance. I gave Tsunami the proper recommendations. I think we all may have made it to the Batcave with nothing more than Jape’s prattle were it not for the fact that the Postman was waiting on us. I took a call and let the man do his work. I value Jape more than I do him, but I am not going to cross a useful resource while I can help it. Jape can take care of himself, and whatever the Postman wanted with him I suspected it to be relatively benign. Once they had left I suggested that Tsunami avoid the man. I don’t know enough about Tsunami to know who or what he really wants, but if he wants to keep it secret, then the Postman is the last person he should be talking to.

When Steven refused to open up the Batcave with Tsunami there I sent the boy along after Amygdala and promised him a car in return. The one chose I was little sad to see go, but a deal is a deal. About a year ago a young punk stole it from me and wrapped it around a tree. I had it lovingly restored put with the others out of sentimentality. I had almost forgotten about it. Perhaps he will find a better use for it than I have.


RobJustice Eichlos

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