Episode 019


Show Opener

The show opens on a wide shot of No Man’s Land just as a the sun rises. From the west a fleet of choppers cross over the perimeter and river that separates No Man’s Land from the United States. The choppers come in over the Upper West Side and circle through Old Gotham before descending on Gotham Square. The chopper sets down in front of the large military tent and as Arsenal steps out the side of the chopper slides open and Contessa Erica Alexandra Del Portenza steps out.
“Mr. Black, as much as I’ve awaited our meeting I’d prefer to get straight to business.”, Contessa says
“I’m afraid that I have bad news for you.”, Arsenal replies.
Contessa looks annoyed but then, from Arsenal’s tent, emerges Captain Cold. Her annoyance turns to puzzlement as Cold approaches.
“The City Records building was destroyed in the quake. The files you were looking for have been destroyed.”, Cold tells Contessa.
Contessa sets her jaw but Arsenal quickly speaks up, “In light of these events made other arrangements.”
From the tent more people start appearing. First, Rick Flag who Arsenal introduces as his Task Force X liaison. Following Flag is Roman Vinchinzi, who Arsenal introduces as his liaison to the League of Shadows. The last person from inside the tent is Huntress. An ambassador for a local gang, the Strong Men.
“While you gathered paper, I gathered allies. We’re poised to take Gotham back and with the support of LexCorp and CADMAS there won’t be anyone who can stand in our way.”
The camera then fades to black.

Title Screen

Then the title card for this episode comes up, a broken, rusted, and bloody Batarang with the words Gotham Nights in the lower right corner. The opening montage features scenes of Bane cracking Batman across his knee. The Singularity being slammed through a building by Lobo. Man-O-War’s terrified look as he’s boom-tubed away with Bane. The Specter laying in a hospital bed coughing up blood. The Merlin crashing into Gotham Harbor after being blasted out of the sky by Black Adam. Nighthawk being stabbed through the heart by Deathstroke. Calliope being fighting Wayne Securities as they force her onto a boat. The screen fades to black and blood begins to drip down. The episode title fades in over the bright red blood, “Shellgame”.

The Demise of Two-Face (Specter\Batman IV)

After the intro the show cuts to an dark ally and a shadowed figure fleeing from the camera. As the figure stumbles around a corner a shadow falls over the ally, the shadow of a bat in chase. The camera cuts to the man darting down another ally, only to come face to face with a brick wall. As he stops a capped figure drops in form behind him. The camera pans up so we see the man from over the shoulder of Batman. He slowly turns around and for the first time we see the two-toned suit of a Two-Face lieutenant.
“Tell me where he is.”, Batman growls.
“Uh… Yeah. Sure thing, Batman! Two Face is at the Botanical Gardens.”, the thug quickly replies.
“What is he doing there?”, Batman snarls.
“Uh… I… uh… Don’t know?”, The thug mumbles.
“Wrong answer.”

Tilt: The beaten and bloody thug lies at Batman’s feet and sputters out, “Ok! Ok! I give!”
WHAT IS TWO-FACE PLANNING?!”, Batman screams
“He’s taking control of the Stadium!”, The thug cries
“What did he do to the Merlin?”, Batman asks
“I don’t know!”, The thug replies.
“That’s too bad.”, Batman yells and then he punches the thug straight in the face, knocking him out.

Hacking the Gibson (Nighthawk)

From there the show cuts to the overgrown brambles of Robinson Park. We see Nighthawk pushing his way through the foliage and suddenly a meaty hand shoots out of the bushes and grabs Nighthawk on the shoulder. Nighthawk grabs the hand tries to wrestle the hand off his shoulder. From the shrubs a massive Killer Croc errupts and grabs Nighthawk in both hands. Nighthawk struggles but he’s not a physical match for the brutal Croc. Then Croc lifts of Nighthawk and cradles him in his arms like a small child. Nighthawk looks confused and Croc starts bounding through the brambles.
Then the two emerge from the forest and into the farm like clearing. The carnage has been cleared up and children play and frolic around vines of rare fruits. Standing over and singing softly is Ivy, smiling as she watches the children play. Croc gingerly sets Nighthawk down and Nighthawk storms towards Ivy.
“What the hell is that all about?”, Nighthawk yells pointing at Croc, “You invited me!”
“My apologies, I simply sent Croc to help escort you through my defenses.”, Ivy explains
“Why didn’t you just open a passage for me?”, Nighthawk says, crossing his arms in defiance.
“I couldn’t risk anyone else slipping in with you. I needed time to make sure you were alone.”, Ivy calmly explains.
“Fine. Why am I here?”, Nighthawk demands.
“Because I found something you would be interested in.”, Ivy says and vines across the ground start peeling back.
A small tunnel has been dug in the ground and Ivy gestures for Nighthawk inside. Tentatively, Nighthawk heads to the edge of the tunnel and glances down. Stunned he looks back to Ivy.
“Why show this to me?”, he asks.
“As an apology.”, Ivy replies.
Nighthawk nods and climbs down the dirt tunnel. The camera pans down and as Nighthawk stands up into a huge chamber. Lights flicker to life and another small auxiliary Batcave stands in front of him.

Batmaning (Calliope\Batman II)

The show then cuts to a darkened rooftop where a different Batman is standing. The camera focuses on her for a moment before another Batman drops down behind her. The two Batmen stand on the roof for a few seconds looking out over the No Man’s Land night. Finally, one of them speaks.
“What are we doing?”, the former Nightwing asks.
Dominique turns sharply around to face him, her body conveying a raw anger, “We’re fighting for the soul of Gotham. Damn it, Dick. I thought you were on board.”
Nightwing holds up his hands, “Woah there. I didn’t mean big picture. I meant right now. We’re wasting perfectly good moonlight.”
Dominique’s posture turns to slightly embarrassed, “Sorry. I just keep hearing Bruce saying…”
Dominique trails off, looking away, but Grayson picks up the thought, “That we shouldn’t be here. I know, I hear him too.”
Dominique looks back at Grayson, “How’s Blackgate?”
“A freaking ghost town… ghost prison… That sounds weird. It’s empty.”
“How come no one has moved on it?”
“There isn’t anything there for them. The riots tore that place apart.”
“What do we need to do to secure it?”
“Listen, Dominique, Blackgate can wait. We can’t use it as a prison until it’s fixed anyway.”
“Ok…”, Dominique says, “So we go back to getting Arkham.”
“Actually, I think we should find out what happened to Gordon.”
“Yeah… Lets go.”
The two Batmen jump off the rooftop and start making their way through the ruins of No Man’s Land. They keep pace with each other for a building or two and then Grayson glances over at Dominique and smiles. Just like that the two Batmen race across the rooftops of Gotham seeing who can reach the edge of Strong Man turf first.

Loss of the Mantle (Merlin)

The screen cuts to black and the words, “Three Days Earlier” fade across the screen. The camera fades in on a scene of violence and carnage as the Last Laugh tear apart the Knights Stadium. In the heart of the battle we see the Merlin, fighting hard to stand his ground. At his feet lies the corpse of Curaré and he’s doing everything in his power to stop the clowns from rushing over him. Then from the crowd a man bounces into Merlin’s last stand with an obscene grin on his face.
“Hi.”, the Joker says pleasantly enough, then, “Where is she!”, he screams at Merlin.
Merlin hesitates and offers a confused reply of, “Who?”
HARLEY! Where is my beloved HARLEY!”, the Joker screams.
“Why would I know that?”, a confused sounding Merlin replies.
“Because you and your friends TOOK her!”, Joker says as he pulls a revolver from his jacket.
“That won’t do you any good.”, Merlin gestures to the gun.
The Joker glares at Merlin for a moment then bursts out laughing, “Oh ha ha ha. That’s right, you’re magic. It’s a good thing I’ve got some new recruits!”
The Joker then gestures back into the crowd and a man in a suit of red and black swirls steps into the little clearing. Joker laughs again, “Hit him, Spells.” And points to the Merlin.
A lance or black emerge erupts from Spellbinder’s hand and throws the Merlin across the stadium and into the dugout. Merlin goes to pick him self up off his feet when a mans steps out from the shadows in front of him.
“What are you..?”, Merlin tries to ask but as soon as he speaks the man lunges forward and thrusts an old gold coin into his mouth.
“Conflo Magus”, the Merlin says and a bolt of energy wraps around the two figures.
In a flash the Merlin is gone and the Thomas rises to his feet. Red Arrow dives into the Dug Out and yells, “What the hell was that?!”
Thomas look up at him, terrified. “He just stole my Mantle…”

Episode 019

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