Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to Gotham Reborn!

As new players come in it’s become obvious that they need someplace to help get them started with this whole game. There is a LOT of information scattered around this portal and it can be difficult to follow all the threads. I created this Getting Started guide to help with that.

Game Details

Gotham Reborn is a Google Hangouts based game that runs Friday nights at 8pm CST. It’s set in Gotham City one year after Batman’s death. You can get all the info about the state of the world on the Setting Primer page.

Character’s are always accepted and can be worked into the game at any time. Don’t worry about not being able to join right away. Just get a character built and we’ll get you going.

The game itself is a reboot of another game I ran a few years ago, Gotham Nights. Gotham Nights had a sequel game, Gotham Days, that will be rolled into Gotham Reborn. Upon the conclusion of Gotham Reborn, there is a sequel planned called Gotham Burns where players take the role of the next generation of Villains in the world their Gotham Reborn vigilantes built.


Gotham Reborn is about vigilantes. The men and women who rise up to fill a void left by Batman. I specifically use the term vigilantes, because you do not need to be heroes in the traditional sense. You do need to oppose the Villains and generally operate in a method you believe will make Gotham a better place. Your definition of “better” may (and should) vary.

Your Characters should also be Batman or Gotham styled. No aliens, no magic, no “Superheroes”. Characters should have a healthy dosage of the Gotham Three Ts: Technology, Training, and Tragedy. When coming up with concepts, ask yourself if the character would stand next to Batman, Nightwing, Oracle, Red Robin, etc. If you have to use the phrase “this one (obscure) Batman character…” then ditch that idea and go back to the drawing board.

When you’re ready to start working on your character you can follow the guide on the Character Creation page.

Game System

The game system is based on Cortex+ Dramatic Roleplaying, the same engine that powered the Smallville RPG. There are some heavy modifications pulling from Cortex+ Action (the Leverage system), Cortex+ Heroic (the Marvel Heroic system), and a few non-Cortex+ games as well.

All of the information you’ll need to build characters and play the game can be found on the portal. The basic mechanics are laid out on the Scenes and Actions page while the various parts of the Character sheet all have their own sections.

This is important: Do NOT use the Smallville books. There have been numerous changes and things won’t line up correctly if you do. If there are questions about the system you need answered, consult me and I’ll see that its added or clarified on the Wiki.

Technical Details

I know this might limit some players, but the game is ran using Google Hangouts and the Dicestream Hangout App. Dicestream only works over video feeds so you will need access to a computer and webcam in order to play.

We have had a few players try to join in using various tablets and the quality of the connection has always been disruptive to the game. If you just want to hang out and watch using a tablet is fine but they just don’t work for playing.


As the group grows, Attendance becomes important. There are six seats in this game open to whoever shows up, but I like having a standard cast to write for. For that reason, there will be priority seating to players with good attendance. You get one point for attending a game (even if you don’t play) and 1/2 a point for letting me know that you won’t be able to make it. If you leave early, you’ll also only get a 1/2 point.

When the clock strikes 8 PM, CST I’ll determine the Episode’s cast based on who’s in the Hangout and their Attendance scores. Other players are welcome to hang out and watch the game or leave. Either way, they will get a full point for Attendance.

From a writing standpoint, Thursday night is my last night to write for an episode. Because of this, I will only write in characters that have RSVPed on the event by Thursday. Other characters are welcome to join in, but they won’t have spotlight scenes written for that session.

Closing Comments

There is a LOT more information scattered around this portal, but hopefully that gives you an idea of whats going on here and where to get started. Like always, if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me ( or message me on Obsidian Portal.

Getting Started

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