Gotham Days Epilogue

Gotham Days Epilogue


Aisling M. Stonehill: After trading the power of the Scarab for the Mantle of the Merlin, Aisling finds herself being changed by the power of the Mantle. A strange sensation washes over her… Suddenly, she feels compassion. The sensation is so strange to her she has trouble rationalizing it. First she tries to feel empathy for the world but is overwhelmed. Her nation is still too much, even her state is larger than she’s ready for. Her thoughts turn to Gotham City and she feels a sense of responsibility for its inhabitants. As Gotham Days comes to a close, we see Aisling as Gotham City’s unwanted protector. Enemy to the world, warden to Gotham.

Alex Cross: Declining the chance to join GCPD officially, Alex keeps going as a vigilante but is uncertain of his place in the world. After a meeting with Dominique Dane, Alex decides that Vigil is what Gotham needs right now. Re-donning his costume, Alex loses himself in the persona. As Gotham Days comes to a close, we see Alex slowly growing into Gotham City’s new dark knight. The hero Gotham needs.

Rumi Takahashi: Revealed to have been trained from birth to replace Talia al Ghul as the new Demon Head, Rumi is faced with an act of devotion. In order to secure her new position, she must kill her own brother. After careful contemplation, Rumi cooks a nice traditional Japanese dinner for Ricky that’s laced with painless poisons. As Gotham Days comes to a close, we see Rumi completing her initiation into the League of Shadows. Gotham’s timeless antagonist.

Spencer Sterling: Returning to the land of the living on a quest for personal vengeance, Spencer quickly realizes that he had squandered his life. After the revelation Deadman, the keeper of his contract, is forced to allow Spencer a chance to redeem himself. As Gotham Days comes to a close, we see Spencer granted five years to make a difference. Gotham’s spirit of vengeance.

Trevor Twelve: After having Anna restored to life with Solomon Grundy’s soul, Trevor is broken. He flees to various hidden compounds around Gotham City and returns to working on restoring his lost beloved to him. As Gotham Days comes to a close, we see Trevor has been completely warped my his madness into a shell of his former self. Gotham’s true monster.

Gotham Days Epilogue

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