GR Episode 004

Episode Four


Episode Synopsis

The episode opens with Carmine Falcone discussing Black Mask’s recent attacks. After demanding Mask’s head he talks with his youngest son, Alberto Falcone. When Alberto starts eluding to mythical connections Carmine summons Dr. Hugo Strange. Strange promises Falcone that we’ll hear no more talk of this “Court of Owls”

There is a montage with Son of None, Sleeper, and Vagabond all receiving letters from the Society of Assassins. A letter with one cryptic sentence: “Your interference in our work has been noted.” After reading his letter, Justin steps back out side and is boomtubed to Bell Reeve Prison to talk with Amanda Waller.

Jape meet with Dr. Freeze, after a reminder to secure field agents Freeze gives Jape his most wanted list:

Most Wanted
Hugo Strange
Victor Zsasz
Dr. Fate
Professor Pyg
Mad Hatter
Calendar Man

Son of None is abducted by Tormentor and the Circus de Gothik in an attempt to scare him away from Haly’s Circus.

The Autopsy of Bruce Wayne shows Vagabond very minor scratches on almost all of Wayne’s major arteries. The blood is too far gone for analysis, but it’s suspicious. Could be posion. There are also subtle puncture wounds, almost microscopic, that collapses one of Wayne’s lungs, pieced both kidneys, punctured his intestines in multiple locations, and narrowly missed his heart. None of these wounds line up with a fist fight. Their almost… surgical.

Delta is requested at Arkham Asylum. His last visit helped Adam immensely, but he’s since slipped back into madness. Strange want’s to hook Arthur up to some fancy machines and monitor his vitals while Delta visits. The tests show abnormal activity in Arthur’s brain-stem when Delta is near. Not when Arthur sees him, or speaks with him, but whenever Delta is simply near by.

Delta is then trapped in Arkham when it comes under attack by Falcone’s men. The vigilantes rush to stop the attack, only to discover it’s a feint. The real attack is happening at Blackgate where Carmine is springing Bane.

The gang war between the Falcones and Black Mask erupts across Gotham. There is reports of gunfire at Grant Park, riots on South Channel Island, a Sniper in the old Clocktower, the Stacked Deck being car-bombed, and the Penguin running for his life.

The vigilantes rush to stop the attacks. With Carmine unprotected and the Vigilantes distracted, Black Mask makes his way into Carmine’s home and shoots him in the head to end the episode.

Trouble Pool

Carried Forward: 1d6, 1d10
Ending Pool: 1d6, 1d12

Factions Agendas

The following Agendas are set for this Episode. At the end of each Episode the players have a chance to Block any of these Agendas. Agendas not Blocked at the end of the session are successful and will go into effect in the following Episode.

Arkham Asylum Staff

Agenda: Complete the Rehabilitation of an Inmate. (Roll 2d10.) Blocked by Brimstone

2= Re-Roll + 1 Extra Roll
3= Victor Zsasz
4= Amygdala
5= Blockbuster
6= Clayface I
7= Cornelius Stirk
8= Dollmaker
9= Film Freak
10= Great White Shark
11= Killer Moth
12= Mad Hatter
13= Man-Bat
14= Maxie Zeus
15= Professor Ivo
16= Professor Pyg
17= Prometheus
18= Ragdoll
19= Spellbinder
20= No Transfer

Blackgate Prison Officers

Agenda: Transfer 1 Inmate from Arkham to Blackgate. (Roll 2d10.) (Arkham’s Agenda goes first, duplicates are considered No Transfers):

2= Amygdala
3= Blockbuster
4= Calendar Man
5= Clayface I
6= Cornelius Stirk
7= Dollmaker
8= Film Freak
9= Great White Shark
10= Killer Moth
11= Mad Hatter
12= Man-Bat
13= Maxie Zeus
14= Professor Ivo
15= Professor Pyg
16= Prometheus
17= Ragdoll
18= Spellbinder
19= Victor Zsasz
20= The Joker


Agenda: Plant Dr. Morrow’s device under Wonder Tower.


Agenda: Buyout Kord Industries from Wayne-Powers

The Nora Fries Cryoprison

Agenda: Recruit a Field Agent (Roll 3d10.)

3= Killer Croc
4= Two-Face
5= Poison Ivy
6= Catwoman
7= False-Face
8= Clayface
9= Amygdala
10= Blockbuster
11= Ratcatcher
12= Firebug
13= Killer Moth
14= Firefly
15= Cavalier
16= Ragdoll
17= Man-Bat
18= Great White Shark
19= Maxie Zeus
20= Electrocutioner
21= Spellbinder
22= The Reaper
23= Prometheus
24= KGBeast
25= Anarky
26= Frank Boles
27= William Petit
28= Aaron Cash
29= Renee Montoya
30= Lock-Up

Gotham City Officials

Agenda: Close down the MCU branch of the GCPD.

Gotham City Media

Agenda: Joshua’s father’s death spins against GCPD & Jim Gordon. Joshua interviews for the show. Blocked by Son of None

Gotham City Police Department

Agenda: Arrest one (or more) of the new vigilantes. (Roll 1d8.)

1 = Brimstone
2 = Vagabond
3 = Sleeper
4 = Son of None
5 = Jape
6 = Delta
7 = Tsunami
8 = Re-Roll + 1 Extra Roll

The Royal Flush Gang

Agenda: Knockover a bank in Gotham City.


Agenda: Aquire Queen Industries.

Feature Agendas

The following Agendas are set for this Episode. At the end of each Episode the players have a chance to Block any of these Agendas. Agendas not Blocked at the end of the session are successful and will go into effect in the following Episode.

Amanda Waller

Agenda: Contact ‘Oracle’ and recruit their services for Checkmate. Blocked by Sleeper


Agenda: Steal the Mayan Onyx Jaguar Statue. Blocked by Brimstone

Clayface V

Agenda: Absorb Clayface I.


Agenda: Remove David Cain from Gotham City, by any means nessicary. Blocked by Son of None

Dr. Fate

Agenda: Burn Sheldon Park to the ground. Blocked by Delta

Dr. Freeze

Agenda: Eliminate any Falcone or Black Mask presense on South Channel Island.

Killer Croc

Agenda: Trash the Fresh-Face Foundation Lobby. Blocked by Vagabond


Agenda: Reestablish link to the original Batcave computer.

Poison Ivy

Agenda: Claim and regrow Aparo Park.


Agenda: Investigate STAR Labs’ Rogue Facility


Delta: Claim – GCPD: Investigate Wayne-Powers monopoly
Brimstone: Block – Arkham Asylum
Jape: Claim – Cyroprison: Abduct Black Mask
Sleeper: Claim – Checkmate: Uncover the IDs of SoA Operatives in Gotham
Son of None: Block: Media – Court of Owls interference
Vagabond: Claim – False-Face Society: Conslatate Gotham’s Underworld


Vagabond: Block – Killer Croc as Maxwell
Brimstone: Block – Catwoman
Delta: Block – Dr. Fate
Sleeper: Block – Amanda Waller
Son of None: Block – Deadshot in Person
Jape: Claim – Black Mask: Starts cleaning house

GR Episode 004

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