Season Two Setup

Aisling M. Stonehill Ph.D. => Alex Cross

@ ? – During 1st year winter break, Aisling visits Alex and seduces him on a “make up date” for prom.
@Wayne Tech Labs – Manipulate Alex into providing a tour of Wayne Tech which Aisling uses as an opportunity to steal secrets (Jervis Tech/Pamela Isley’s research)
– Aisling sees Alex hanging out with Amanda Leighton at a trade convention and assumes he’s cheating. Then breaks up with him.

Aisling M. Stonehill Ph.D. => Vigil

@??? – Escape from Vigil by flirting after he catches her trying to rob the Sicilian mafia.

Aisling M. Stonehill Ph.D. => Michael Stein

@Wayne Tech Labs – She saw Michael while visiting Alex at Wayne Tech and went out of her way to avoid him because he has done so little with his life.

Aisling M. Stonehill Ph.D. => Last Chance

Aisling M. Stonehill Ph.D. => Ray Castlemen

@??? – Aisling sent Ray an unsigned condolence card, flowers, and a welfare application after his football accident.

Aisling M. Stonehill Ph.D. => Rook

Aisling M. Stonehill Ph.D. => Rumi Takahashi\Black Fox

@Japan – While visiting Rumi in Japan, Aisling hires some street toughs to mug them so she can see how Rumi reacts.
@Eurpoe – While vacationing with Rumi in Europe, she sneaks out of the hotel at night to steal a rare manuscript being held in the Vatican’s book room.
@Galante Home – Aisling attends a Charity event at the Pasquale Galante’s home to scope the room out. She is caught somewhere she should not be and Rumi helps her explain something away before the Mafia can take her somewhere for questioning.

Aisling M. Stonehill Ph.D. => Sam Donovan

@? – Aisling initially refuses Sam’s offer, but subtly encourages him to keep Asiling ??
@The White Room – Sam ditches Aisling on a second date because his little brother breaks his leg and needs to go to the hospital.

Aisling M. Stonehill Ph.D. => Sentinel

Aisling M. Stonehill Ph.D. => Spencer Sterling

@Gotham University – Encountered Spencer at Gotham University event, the dean of the college called him the world’s smartest man and Aisling became Jealous.
@??? – Aisling is determined to beat Spencer in a custom – They send each other increasing difficult puzzles to solve.

Aisling M. Stonehill Ph.D. => Foresight

@Roger’s Basin Yacht Club – After beating the Sicilian Mafia, Fatale & Foresight have a “Moment” that is interrupted by police showing up.
@My Alibi – Manipulate Foresight into helping me rob Sicilian mob

Aisling M. Stonehill Ph.D. => Trevor Twelve\Baron Samedi

@? – Aisling gives Trevor stolen research papers (from Pamela Isley) on Pheromones to encourage his development into a villain.
– Meet Trevor at Gala in Gotham – Talked about old times – convinces him ? to work together to take revenge on the people who wronged us.
– Agreed to work ??? for Burnley to pay for vigilante operations.

Alex Cross => Aisling M. Stonehill Ph.D.

@Arkham University – Surprises Aisling with a visit at Arkham University
@Wayne Tech Labs – Gives Aisling a gift of a piece of Wayne Tech that never was fully developed and declassified.
@??? – Aisling confronts Alex over the day he spent with Amanda Leighton, ending their relationship.

Alex Cross => Fatale

@??? – Catches Fatale attempting to rob the mob and stops her

Alex Cross => Michael Stein

@Wayne Facility – Alex is the person Michale sends his reports to

Alex Cross => Last Chance

@East Side – Follows Last Chance’s direction to escort civilians out of a burning building

Alex Cross => Ray Castlemen

@Electrocity – Alex lets slip that the tech from his teams press release is VERY similar to a project Wayne Tech was secretly developing

Alex Cross => Rook

@Gotham Heights – Vigil suggests he and Rook work together again
@Solomon Wayne Courthouse – Vigil tries and fails to convince Rook of Baron Samedi’s vile ways

Alex Cross => Rumi Takahashi

@Hayseville – Alex sent Rumi a message when she first returned to Gotham and received an invite to her fashion show.
@Arkham – Alex invites Rumi to a gala Wayne Enterprises is hosting

Alex Cross => Black Fox

@Tri-Corner Docks – Fell into a trap while fighting Sicillian mafia due to the distraction of Black Fox.

Alex Cross => Sam Donovan

@Sam’s Apartment – Alex attends a poker game Sam hosts

Alex Cross => Sentinel

@Tri-Corner Docks – Vigil teamed with Sentinel to stop a warehouse robbery initiated by the Sicilian Mob.
@Tri-Corner Docks – Follows Sentinels’ escape route as the GCPD show up.

Alex Cross => Spencer Sterling

@Electrocity – Alex relays to Spencer about Megan’s trouble with depression after the “incident”
@Otisburg – Saves Spencer from getting mugged.

Alex Cross => Foresight

@D’Angelo Sewage Treatment Plant – Thanks Foresight for the help but lectures him about jumping into a fight half-cocked.

Alex Cross => Trevor Twelve

@Electrocity – Offered a job to work at Fragrance 12.

Alex Cross => Baron Samedi

@Wayne-Tech Facility – Left a sugar skull in my file cabinet where my project had been.
@Ace Chemicals – Missed chance to stop Baron from murdering someone.
@Burnley – Confronted Baron discovering murders he had committed and was delayed by his harem.

Alex Cross => Megan Cross

@? – During the holidays the two have a good talk about how she is “growing up” thanks to college life.
– Alex conveyed some concern over Megan’s slipping grades

Alex Cross => Wildcard

@Park Row – Vigil saved Wildcard from an ambush set for her by the Odessa mob.

Alex Cross => Mackenzie “Hardback” Bock

Michael Stein => Aisling M. Stonehill Ph.D.

@Wayne Tech Facility – While Aisling was visiting Alex at work she almost ran into Michael without even noticing.

Michael Stein => Fatale

Michael Stein => Alex Cross

@Wayne Tech Facility – Michael saved Alex during a Lab fire at a Wayne Tech Facility
@Wayne Tower – During a company party at Wayne Tower Michael made an ass of himself next to Alex.

Michael Stein => Vigil

@East Side – While tailing GCPD in East Side he sees Vigil run into an apartment fire.

Michael Stein => Ray Castlemen

@Gotham Stadium – Michael runs into Ray at the Tech Convention at the Gotham Stadium hitting on a show room girl.
@Sam’s Apartment – While storing his gauntlets in his car at Sam’s, Michale notices Ray has seen his stolen tech.

Michael Stein => Rook

Michael Stein => Rumi Takahashi

@??? – After paying to get into Rumi’s Fashion show he meets her and she pays for his ticket and he feels there is a spark there.

Michael Stein => Black Fox

@??? – Michael has seen Black Fox on his servalince video following and attacking Triad.
@Chinatown – While Michael was trying to stop at Triad heist lead by Riki, Michael was attacked by Black Fox.

Michael Stein => Sam Donovan

@??? – Michael helped Sam and his bother Nick move into their apartment.
@Gotham Stadium – Michael ran into Sam at a Tech convention at Gotham Stadium where Sam was buying parts for a personal project.

Michael Stein => Sentinel

@Burnley – While following GCPD in Burnley Michael spots Sentineltailing some gang members.
@??? – Michael comes upon Sentinel fighting gangers and then being attacked by cops who Last Chance was following.

Michael Stein => Spencer Sterling

@??? – After the body of Anna goes missing Michael runs into Spencer at GCPD during his interview.

Michael Stein => Foresight

@??? – While setting up video camers in Burnley, Michael as Last Chance was attacked by Foresight.

Michael Stein => Trevor Twelve

@Burnley – Michael as Last Chance saw Trevor being hassled by the GCPD in Burnley and payed them off.

Michael Stein => Baron Samedi

Ray Castlemen =>

Rumi Takahashi => Aisling M. Stonehill/Fatale

@Tokyo – Rumi happily acts as “tour guide” for Aisling during a college trip.
@The Vatican – While vacationing together, Rumi spots Aisling sneaking back into their shared hotel room in the middle of the night while she herself is trying to sneak back in after leaving to secretly investigate the Italian Mafia.
@Galante Mansion – At a charity benefit hosted by the Sicilian Mafia, Aisling was caught in an off-limits area. Rumi helped her escape, and in the process the two learned each others’ secret identity.

Rumi Takahashi => Alex Cross

@Haysworth – Rumi tricked Alex into being a model at her first Gotham fashion show.
@Haysworth – After the show, Rumi admitted that she’d designed the suit he’d modeled specifically with him in mind.
@Electro City – Alex accuses Rumi of being Black Fox, but she manages to convince him that she is not.

Rumi Takahashi => Vigil

@The Tri-Corner Docks – Black Fox rescues Vigil from a trap set by the Sicilian mafia.
@The Tri-Corner Docks – Unbeknownst to Vigil, Black Fox had been watching him investigate the Sicilians. She decided to “accidentally” bump into him in order to meet him and get close to him.

Rumi Takahashi => Sentinel

@Robbinsville – Sentinel “saves” Rumi from a would-be mugging, much to her annoyance.

Rumi Takahashi => Ray Castlemen

@Gotham Village – After returning to Gotham, Rumi asks Ray out on a date. He accepts.

Rumi Takahashi => Rook

@The Cauldron – During an attempt to abduct Johnny Falcone, Rook interfered and saved him, leading Rumi to believe that Rook works for the Mafia.

Rumi Takahashi => Michael Stein

@Haysworth – After avoiding him for months, Rumi bumps into Michael at a fashion show. She refunds the cost of his ticket for old-time’s sake.

Rumi Takahashi => Last Chance

@China Town – During a heist by Riki’s crew, Rumi (as Black Fox) fought Last Chance long enough for the Yakuza to escape.

Rumi Takahashi => Spencer Sterling

@Wayne Towers – Rumi convinced Sterling to bring her as his guest to the charity event hosted by the Sicilian Mafia.
@Galante Mansion – At the Mafia-hosted charity event, Rumi ditches Sterling long enough to skulk around and bump into Aisling. After she returns to him, she lies and claims she wasn’t feeling well, apologizes, and offers to make it up to him with another date whenever he wants.

Rumi Takahashi => Wildcard

@Tri-Corner Docks – After bumping into each other during a Sicilian heist, Wild Card suggests that Black Fox teams up with her to form a “super-sexy girl power group!”

Rumi Takahashi => Baron Samedi

@Coventry – Baron and Black Fox spotted each other while both were trying to take down a Sicilian Mafia underboss.

Rumi Takahashi => Rikimaru Takahashi

@China Town – After stopping a very profitable Triad heist, Riki puts out a bounty for the capture of Black Fox.
@China Town – When Riki comes face to face with Black Fox during one of his jobs, she “tries to kill him.” She misses on purpose, but scares the hell out of him.
@The Hills – Rumi, Riki, and their mother had dinner together on their father’s birthday. It was uncomfortable.

Sam Donovan => Aisling M. Stonehill Ph.D.

@ University – Sam asks Aisling out for drinks.
@ The White Room – On their first drink Sam tries to explain * patch up their issues from High School.

Sam Donovan => Fatale

Sam Donovan => Alex Cross

@ Monorail – Sam recognizes Alex & invites him to the poker gang.
@ Sam’s Place – They catch up on old times.

Sam Donovan => Vigil

@ Tri-Corner Docks – Sentinel while looking for a Sicilian Lt. notices Vigil casing the warehouse.
@ Tri-Corner Docks – Afterwards Vigil questions Sentinel’s brutal interrogation technique.

Sam Donovan => Michael Stein

@ Sam’s Apartment – After helping Sam move Michael comes over for poker night.

Sam Donovan => Last Chance

@ Robbinsville – Sam notices Last Chance tailing a GCPD squad car.
@ Robbinsville – Last Chance helps Sentinel escape from the cops.

Sam Donovan => Ray Castlemen

@ Stacked Deck – While conversing about an engineering problem Ray inspires Sam to make his mag lock gauntlets.
@ Gotham Stadium – Invites Ray to the poker game at his place.
@ Sam’s Place – during the poker game they talk about light spectrum

Sam Donovan => Rook

Sam Donovan => Rumi Takahashi

Sam Donovan => Black Fox

Sam Donovan => Spencer Sterling

@ Wondertower – Runs into Spencer while out with Nick.

Sam Donovan => Foresight

Sam Donovan => Trevor Twelve

Sam Donovan => Baron Samedi

@ Sheldon Park – Sam gets mugged Baron intercedes.
@ Robbinsville – Sentinel & Baron stop an arms deal.

Spencer Sterling => Aisling M. Stonehill Ph.D.

@? – Donated a large amount of money to the Gotham University Parapsychology Department
– Where on a Gotham quiz show at the same time and tied each other on air for
@??? – Sent Aisling an incredibly complex puzzle expecting it to stump her.

Spencer Sterling => Fatale

@Roger’s Basin Yacht Club – Encountered Fatale while she was robbing the Sicilian Mob and fought perfectly together.
@My Alibi – Helped Fatale rob the Sicilian Mob without really understanding why.

Spencer Sterling => Alex Cross

@Electrocity – While drinking at Electrocity Alex let slip some information about a project he was working on.

Spencer Sterling => Vigil

@Otisburg – The first vigilante he had a personal encounter with
@D’Angelo Sewage Treatment Plant – Saved vigil from a fight with the Odessa Mob

Spencer Sterling => Michael Stein

Spencer Sterling => Last Chance

@Burnley – Attempted to apprehend Last Chance while he was setting up cameras in Burnley.

Spencer Sterling => Ray Castlemen

@Sterling Tower – Briefly employed Ray at Sterling Tower

Spencer Sterling => Rook

@The Hills – Saw Rook following him

Spencer Sterling => Rumi Takahashi

@Wayne Tower – Met at Wayne Tower for Spencer’s Knight of Gotham award ceremony.
@? – Took Rumi as his +1 to the Mob Party
– Got Rumi her original location for her design company.

Spencer Sterling => Black Fox

Spencer Sterling => Sam Donovan

@Wonder Tower – Got Sam a job at Goth Corp, a company he owns.

Spencer Sterling => Sentinel

Spencer Sterling => Trevor Twelve

@Sterling Tower – Introduced Trevoer to his head scientist
@Gotham Graveyard – Spencer and Trevor vowed to figure out who took Anna’s corpse.

Spencer Sterling => Baron Samedi

@? – Ran into the Baron while rescuing Ivan from the Odessa Mob.
– Didn’t stop the Baron from torturing a dude.

Trevor Twelve =>

Season Two Setup

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